Accelerated Check-In

Get to the fun fast! Activate Accelerated Check-in to help save time at the rental counter.

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Why Should I Activate Accelerated Check-In?

You can save time at the counter when you activate Accelerated Check-in online. Just provide your driving licence and contact information that is normally collected at pick-up and we will be ready when you arrive.

Accelerated Check-in is available at all locations. Skip the Counter is available only at selected airport locations. Complete Check-in to find out if you're eligible!

To Activate Accelerated Check-in:

  • Enter your Alamo reservation number along with the renter's first and last name
  • Provide the renter's valid driving licence and contact information to activate Accelerated Check-in
  • Once completed, at pick-up we'll quickly confirm your information at the Alamo counter or self-service kiosk (if available) and provide your rental agreement. Please do not go directly to the car.

To Skip the Counter:

  • Activate Accelerated Check-in, then provide the required information that would normally be collected at the counter:
  • Accept or Decline protection options
  • Accept Rental Terms and Conditions and Local Addenda (if applicable)
  • Add Driving Licence and Contact Information for all drivers on the reservation
  • Add an acceptable method of payment (no charge is made until the time of rental)
  • Once completed, at pick-up you can go directly to your vehicle and we'll verify your details as you exit the car park!

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